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    Quote Originally Posted by FZeeR View Post
    Spark versus ex is no comparison. EX is a real ski with real potential and real reliability. I'd go EX all day long over a spark.
    no kidding! sparks are the prius's of pwc!!!

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    id buy a exr- 1800 ex!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seabrook View Post
    if u get a spark, turn in ur man card while checking out!
    Funny - So the perfect Spark owner will be pulling it with a Miata?

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    Quote Originally Posted by not2fast View Post
    Funny - So the perfect Spark owner will be pulling it with a Miata?
    lol yea haha!!!

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    I have not ridden either machine but would love to do a side by side.

    local dealers around here can not sell Ex machines if they could give them away. My dealer still has all the original stock he was forced to buy.

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    i think im just going to do some basic bolt ons soon im not trying to make this thing crazy at all i just want a little more pep its a pretty fun ski as is

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    I'm in the 'same boat' as you. Bought the EX a couple months ago and love it. That thing can carve up the water and launch off small wakes. I also want to do some simple upgrades on it without voiding the warranty. RIVA just launch a new impeller for the stock ECU this month and I'd like to hear feedback or reviews before buying. The intake and exhaust sounds simple enough, and I like the idea of a better exhaust sound. I don't think this ski is meant for 60+ mph, it's loose and light on the water, but better acceleration and 56-58 mph would be awesome

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    My buddy has one and Is looking to flash with maptuner. I have the maptuner for my 2015 fzs. Just wondering if he buys license if I can tune it. Like are the cables the same. Also what pitch prop would be best for stage 1 mods and tune ?

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    I see the EX's everywhere here , they do look good

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    Save your money and put it towards a VXR or GP. For the money thrown at it and the gain or should I say the lack of... Start fast and go faster

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