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    This tread has discussed in great detail the symptoms and repair of the sending unit. Have you verified that your sending unit is working properly? Its a much more common problem than the gauge.

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    Thank you. I’ve read all of the posts and I completely understand how to test the sending unit. I’m interested in how to bench test the gauge alone and determine if it works.

    Maybe someone will respond with answers to my post.

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    The most common way to test the gauge is to first test the sending unit, then before installing it completely hook up the sending unit and the gauge and tilt the sender while watching the gauge move. I always tested the gauges in the skis, never been aware of any bench test for these but hooking power up directly seems like a sure fire way to fry one if you don't know exactly what is going on... In all my Seadoo years i've never found a faulty fuel gauge, it's always the sender so i cannot imagine that you have 2 bad ones unless your bench test has destroyed them...

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