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    Unhappy HELP!!!!!!!!2 Ultra 250's won't go over 50!!!!!!?????

    I bought 2 Ultra 250's....Blue and red

    My Blue can get to 52 and my Red one can't get past the 50 mark!!!

    I called my dealer and they told me there was a chip in them that Kawasaki puts in and it wears off around the 15hour mark then they will increase to the high 60's...Sounds like BS to me...Does anyone know if this is true? If not,....What the hell is wrong with these ski's?

    Thanks so much in advance!!

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    If your talking about the speedometer on the ski, just ignore it. Mine has never been above 52, but my GPS said 66.2 yesterday. They mounted the speedo kinda high so it never really reads even close to right. I have been WOT on mine before and had it read 12 mph. If your concerned about it, just lower the speedo a notch and that will help a little. Trust me your ski is going over 50. Now if you have a gps and that says 52 i would check your exhaust hoses one may have come off.

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    Thanks for the reply!!! That makes me feel a little better! Sorry to sound like an idiot but how do I lower the speedo?

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    My speedo was reading low for the first 3 hours.
    Don`t worry about it for now. Just break it in properly and buy a cheap GPS so you know how fast your really going. The speedo is just useless on jet ski`s...

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    Thanks buddy! I've only got around 2 hours so far...I just went and GPS'd it and my blue one is running around 62 and my red one around 59..Not sure why the blue runs that much better but I'll wait it out and see what happens once I get some more hours on it.

    Thanks again!

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    To lower the speedo, some people losen the two bolts on it, and there is a lower set they use. I just left mine myself, not a huge deal to me.

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    lol So happy to see Im not the only one who had a 58 mph ski... Good ole Speedometers... goes 70 now that its in the water....

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    The Red skis are faster than the blue ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikelentini View Post
    The Red skis are faster than the blue ones.

    This is true

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