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    Any new progress with this ski?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yota924x4 View Post

    i guess i'll order a tester for the plugs as the old screwdriver in the wire or letting the plug arc to a bolt didn't look like it did anything.
    Just for your reference, It is not good to have the coils charge with no load on them.
    In order to test the starter excluding the ignition system, push the start button while holding down the stop button.
    It will power the starter but not the ignition system.

    Also interested in knowing how this is going.
    Wehere are you located? I have a hull and full electronics for sale in MA if you are local.

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    so after 2 years of no activity i'm actually getting serious about this. i purchased a CDI box as i was not getting spark. along with a few exhaust parts that were lost after it sat for 19 years and today we have combustion however....

    so after a good amount of time cranking giving the starter time to cool in between the bastard finally caught and started to run, however i was by myself and after a few seconds of it running without water i hit the stop button and she kept on running so i pulled the lanyard... still running pulled the battery terminal and of course that did nothing so i ended up yanking the plug wires off probably stripping the boot off of #2 in the process.

    any ideas as to what would cause this? something wired wrong but its pretty basic plug and playing replacing the CDI box

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    Glad you got it running! You probably have a loose/corroded connector on the kill switch circuit. The ignition is turned off by connecting the hot wire to ground.

    Don't know about your Waverunner, but on my Yamaha boat the kill circuit wires are black & white. They should be connected when the kill switch is pressed.

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    big news it now starts and stops. the stop switch wasn't even plugged in so it was an easy fix. after a few minutes of blowing smoke it cleared itself out and actually ran pretty good considering 20 year old gas in the carbs and 2 year old gas in the tank.

    one question when running off the garden hose water was coming out of the exhaust and jet pump but nothing out of the little port on the side, is that normal for being on the hose? the manual doesn't really mention it.

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    When I've run my '97 GP1200 on the hose on the trailer, sometimes I get water coming out of the exit port and sometimes I don't. I found that it had to do with the level of the trailer. It's been 4 yrs since I've had to flush the engine with the ski on the trailer but I think that if the front is angled down a bit, water will exit that little port. If the front of the trailer is angled up higher than horizontal, there won't be hose water flowing out of the exit port on the left side of the ski.

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    Pull that hose off at the exhaust rubber boot. Try blowing out through it. Dirt dobbers love plugging those up. If you can't blow through it either fish a piece of wire through it or use an air compressor at about 60psi to pop the clog right out.

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    shakedown cruise today 57.5 on GPS. wow this thing goes i completely understand how the original owner crashed it. i just left the tilt at neutral, i had the sponsons adjusted all the way down it pulls to the right a bit so i'll have to address that.
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    That's awesome!

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