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    a few noob questions

    I just recently got a used 05 rxt. it had 24.8 hrs on it. just had some cosmetic problems. anyways it seems to run strong except i think i need new plugs due to some surging when its cold. Plan on changing out washers someday when i have money and time. I seem to have alot of cavitation when at a stop and when turning. I also get hi temp warning when doing hard turns for a while. I am going to take it to the dealer to get a tune up and stuff. Is it fairly easy for them to check the seals and stuff underneath to see if something is bad or does that take some disassembly?

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    [quote=jimv311;287274]Plan on changing out washers someday when i have money and time. \quote]

    dont ride it until u do have the money and time

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimv311 View Post
    changing out washers
    ....doit NOW !!!!

    i have to clean out my engine now bcs i did not replaced the washers ...

    just an advice....

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    Exclamation washers

    washers for me this week asap!!!!!!!! do the same. Look at it this way right now it would be $200 and if you do it o when you get the time and money it will be too late and be somthing like o $4,000!!!!!

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    trust me it is on my agenda, but im still wondering how you check your wear ring and other pump parts. Im not sure because i have nothing to compare it to but i think i have a little cavitation goin on. the ski hauls ass but not too quick out of the hole or in tight corners

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    Hi, We have an 05 RXT which we have had from new - I hope the info below helps:
    1. Everything the guys say about the washers is true - we had a lucky escape ourselves!
    2. We found that VERY little damage to the impellor results in poor holeshot performance. Ours lifted its nose before taking off (which let everyone get away first) with just two small nicks in the trailing edge. As you say, midrange and top end were still fine - we could get over 67mph with that impellor!
    3. Although we haven't experienced it, I know of several RXTs which get the Hi Temp warning when doing extended hard turning/stops

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    The only time I've gotten hi temp readings...I was doing tight, as in really tight, 10'-15' circles...leaning way over...water coming over the bow...pump a little outa the water maybe?

    Heard that loud azz beeping...quit that stupid sht...never heard it again.

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