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    (Js?) 550 to 650 swap, I'm new to kawi's!

    Hey guys! I have wanted to get a standup ski for a while now, and when this deal popped up I couldnt resist. I scooped this ski for $200 the guy said it was a 550sx, but it looks to me like it is a js550, and he said it was an '88. I believe it has a 650sx engine in it, but I have no idea. Please inform me of anything I need to know about this ski! The guy said it needed a few conversion parts to be finished, he said it needs a mount plate for the 650. He also said the impeller is fine for the 650, not sure if it is aftermarket or stock. It does have a lot of aftermarket parts though. Please let me know a list of parts that are needed for the swap, or another forum for a similar swap (I looked, but figured I should do my own to be safe.) Thanks!
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    That looks like a 550sx, it does have the reed engine and looks like she has a bunch of goodies! Thats a good score

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    I have a conversion plate I will sell. Txt me 1-408-691-6576. Kevin

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    Thanks for the reply! I was hoping it was a good deal. It just needs a bunch of little things done to it, like wires run from the start/ kill switch, the choke cable hooked up, a bilge installed, and some other things. Any idea what year it is? I thought the sx hulls were different from the js hulls.

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    Look at vin, last two numbers is year

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    Quick update, I ordered the mount plate from 800AMSOIL4U. However, there is no vin plate on the rear starboard side of the ski. There is only the slot where it sits. I know on my Polaris's there is another vin number mounted on the inside. Does kawi do that as well? I need to get it registered, and I have no title, no numbers on the side, and now no vin. What should I do? I was thinking about putting a wanted ad on craigslist for a hull or ski that is broken. What models will my current setup fit in? Should I leave everything in my current hull?

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    I don't know about that model, but many of the Kawasakis have a second serial number plate underneath the battery. If there is a plastic liner for where the battery sits, lift it out and look underneath that.

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    Yes there should be one under the battery, if the exhaust is coming out the left front it is an earlier model.

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    This is all I can see. Does this mean I can't register this hull?
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    do you have previous registration?

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