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    2001 GP1200r bogs down after 5 minutes and then only runs at 3mph

    I have a 2001 GP1200R and it runs fine for approximately 5 minutes and then bogs down and will only run at approximately 3 miles per hour. Does anyone know what might cause it this? I recently had the top end rebuilt with new power valves and clips installed and a pump plug kit installed. Also, I had the lines going into the gas tank trimmed with the flapper removed. The carbs were rebuilt about 20 hours ago so I think they are ok as well.

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    I would probably check the compression first. Then if all good , then check to see if your getting good spark from fresh plugs, if all good, make sure your getting good fuel to the engine, replacing fuel filter. If good, make sure you are getting fresh air to your engine, if good, then I ��♂️

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