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    Unhappy Dead GP1300R. Where to start?

    Hi all.

    So had a wonderful day out on the water yesterday. Up untill I was heading back to the boat ramp and decided to give her one last fang around when suddenly I lost a little throttle response and the engine started making a tinny sound so I pulled up to a stop but before I could shut the engine down it shit down itself with no warning lights or anything. Tried to start her up again but nothing just makes a clicking sound when you press the start button but makes no attempt to turn over so had to be towed back to ramp.

    So knowing all of that where would you guys suggest I look first? My uncle suggested battery but I don't see why that would cause a tinny sound and to shut off. Also another problem is is that it's now full of salt water and I can't flush it out without starting it obviously so have no idea what I should do in that regards. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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    Take the spark plugs out and see if you can turn engine over by hand from driveshaft.

    I had a ski do a similar thing at low revs and no warning. It turned out to be a snapped piston ring.

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    You seized a piston. Were you low on fuel when this happened?

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    Nope. Half a tank.

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    undo the connection from the exhaust to the waterbox. then flush the engine obviously without it running. no water will enter the cylinders this way. pull pipe brackets and pop the head off to see in the cylinders. this is only way to know. look in hull for oil, if any oil line came off and will see a cylinder that is grey in color. most likely its time for a rebuild or turn it into a conversion ski.

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    So have finally had a day off to have a look at it. I fear I've left the salt water in there too long. Took spark plugs out and can see what looks to be large metal shards on the middle cylinder. Do I have to take the exaust out to do further work on it like spining the drive shaft? Also anyone have pictures of what the water box is exactly so I can attempt to flush?

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    Well. She's buggered. Anyone know where the metal may have come from because there's no visible signs. Looking at the head it looks like it's had no oil aswell. So next step would be working out what exactly needs replacing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nexusw427 View Post
    Well. She's buggered. Anyone know where the metal may have come from because there's no visible signs. Looking at the head it looks like it's had no oil aswell. So next step would be working out what exactly needs replacing.
    Damn that sucks was it... Fuel Injection or carb'd?.... was it converted to premix with oil Block off?

    If it was EFI and Premix/Oilblock off.... then I would be inclined to think either injector number 2 wasn't connected or wiring is junk or injector #2 is stuck closed and you leaned out the center cylinder to destruction.... lucky for you it seems as though the damage is centered on the top of that center cylinder piston and you might be able to get away with just replacing the piston itself..... it will be a lot of work getting the exhaust pipe off and putting it back together but just make sure the cylinder or piston is 84mm with a dial caliper and that the cylinder wall doesn't have deep scratches/"scores" in it and you might be fine... while your at it check compression in other cylinders and see if they are within 10% of one another cause you might as well do all 3 if your already in there and if you could afford 3 new pistons. After that it would be diagnosing/Fixing that lean condition in that center cylinder that was destroyed. Maybe even upgrade injectors or carbs while your at it? It really boils down to your budget and what your goals and achievements are.... at the end of the day these ski's are older things start to break down and 2 strokes are finicky so it's your call.... you could probably even swap for a cheap 4 stroke... which is what I love about these hulls is the ability of being able to frankenstein or change to all sorts of engines..... maybe even a rotax honda kawasaki. But again it's all up to you to decide wrench and decide what your looking for.... most swaps take a really long time and money research and resources. If you want to avoid all the guess work and hardship I would just fix it and sell it or keep it as a back up loaner ski.

    The "loaner" haha!

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    She's stock as a rock. Will definately be going premix after this though. Also the top of the piston looks fine to me all the metal shards are from somewhere else. Im thinking that the crank or piston rod have gone as the piston is sitting at the same height at one of the pistons next to it unless this is normal? Next job to do would be remove exhaust so I can remove the pot yeah?

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    Annnndddd. Just found out it's not stock. Has a D plate in it.

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