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    xlt1200 carb with pic, is this right?

    so this is an xlt1200 i bought and got the engine rebuilt. i rebuilt all the carbs with mikuni carb kits. i also did the drilled return mod. i have had this problem before and after the drilled return mod. i put the carbs on and blew in the return line to get fuel into the lines. the last carb inlet line is not showing gas in the this normal? i have already taken the carb off once and gone through it again to see if i did something wrong but everything looks good. there was gas in the #1 carb when i took it off and went through it, but its just not really showing gas in the line. anyone have any input on this?

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    There is a restriction in the line or the pump is not pumping. Also did you check the reed valves behind carbs . Did you do onsideBills receipt for 66v carb rebuild with after market flame aresster.

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    the ski only had 67 hours on it when an oil line popped off which led me to the rebuild. the read valves looked good and were within spec. i did not rejet or add f/a only did the drilled return mod.

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    It doesn't sound like you are priming your fuel into your carbs quite right.
    Should be using a primer bulb, either on the return line pulling fuel through - or - on the main line into carbs just after the fuel filter

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    i took the return line off and blew in it and fuel filled the lines except the last one as shown in pic. would air cause this? do you have to bleed it?

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    You have some gas up where you need it. I'd just start the engine and see what happens. If things start filling up and idling well then you are all ok.

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    Once you get gas from the return outlet, everything is primed. Some air will remain until the pumps fully prime. Something else good to do is pressurize the return line, block the return nipple at the return jet, and listen for any air leaks. A leak will become an air intrusion point with the engine running.

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    whatever happened with this?

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