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    Unhappy Running on hose, check engine warning

    Took out the ski of hibernation and put it on the hose to start it up.
    Started motor and then turned on the water. After ignition the warning buzzer goes on immediately, but once the water flows it goes out. It runs on idle, no buzzer. I then check the gauges just to find that the red warning light is blinking and the check engine lught is also on. Naturally I get nervous and proceed to stop the engine, but I first stop the water and then let the motor run for another 10 sec until it stops coming out of the ski.

    I let it sit for some time and the start the ski again without water, no buzzer, no red light, no check engkne light. I stop engine after 10 sec.

    I let it cool off again and repeat as above, no buzzer, no lights.

    I did the above the above to get all water out as it would be freezing temps during the night.

    I am a little worried and concerned about the first start and the warnings. The ski was running for 1-2 min in total. Fuel is 6 months old 93 Octane stabilized. Ski is a 2016 VXR with 4 hours on it. I have good water pressure in the hose it was running from and a strong spray was coming out of the side exit and also water thru the exhaust so should not be unsufficient water. Can there be too much water? Again ski was always running before water was turned on and always running after it was turned off.

    Any ideas what may have caused this, potential damage?

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    Was it a dark hose laying in the sun?

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    No dark hose in the sun and the water was very cold. Outside temp approx 38 F.

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    ` Did you look at the dash and see what simble was showing when it beeped, maby the fuel is just geting low enough to set the low fuel beeper off. More than likely since you ran the ski only 2 min. all should be ok. Tommy Jordan

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    The tank is full (to avoid condenzation during storage) and the only lights I saw was the red warning and the symbol "check engine" blinking. Battery was also fully charged.

    Will have the dealer read any error codes when I take it in, but I find it very strange and unsettling. I assumed that the initial buzzer/warning was because of no cooling water when started (came on immediately) and since it went out when water was flowing I assumed everything was fine until checking the dash. The idle was a little rough but I understand this is normal for the 1,8 N/A. It responded to the throttle as I did a short rev to flush out remaining water on the dry run.

    When I think about it the ski did the same thing last flushing before winter storage, buzzer immediately on when running dry, went out when water was turned on. However did not see/check engine lights at that time.

    Strange that it went away on the 2:nd and 3:rd short (10 sec) dry runs.

    What is the normal behaviour when running dry, does the buzzer only come on after some time when the ski is starting to get overheated or does it go on immediately when it detects there is no cooling water?

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    The temp sensor doesn't detect water. Just temp. Maybe your sensor is going bad or bad connection. I flush mine like you, 2013 VXR, and haven't had the buzzer go off before turning the water on which is only about 5 seconds. Also after pulling out of the water and on trailer, I start it and give it a couple short throttle blips to blow out any water and no buzzer.

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    Check straps behind ski probably reverse bucket coming down and hitting strap seen it loads of times fault goes away on its own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmymajic View Post
    Check straps behind ski probably reverse bucket coming down and hitting strap seen it loads of times fault goes away on its own.
    UPDATE: I have had the ski to the dealer and they checked error codes and there was an old gear change error code, which was now reset. It seems that the strap across the back of the ski back in the fall indeed caused this issue. So you were right, thanks a lot!

    Thanks, this could have been the cause when winterising as I had a strap going over the back then, but this time I had no strap that could interfere with the reverse bucket as I realised that a strap and the bucket might not be a good combo.
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