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    Drive line issues

    This problem is regarding the PTO splines, where the driveshaft inserts the motor.
    Recently, the engine alignment was checked by me, symptoms were always changing wear ring that has excessive material shaved off between 4 and 9 o'clock....As well as a wonderful standard situation because the driveshaft slid back out of the engine. Didn't realize that was even possible.
    Anyways, found out that rear right mount nuts were loose as hell....The shim under it was simply sliding around.(1 shim).
    Adding 2 shims under rear mounts gave great alignment results, so everything was torqued down and reassembled. A new driveshaft was used, as the splines on the original were damaged.
    Ski ran great for about 2 hours, then all of a sudden, no propulsion, sounds just like the grinding splines at PTO like before. No visible damage or interference at impeller side.
    Anyone run into this type of issue? Seems from the parts diagram, that the female splines of that engine are actually part of the crankshaft? I really don't have a clue, maybe those splines were already damaged from the last event.... What possible options to fix at this point.?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't know if you ever got this resolved but if not, some more information as to year and model would be helpful. The pto is a separate piece from the driveshaft on the ones I have messed with and the spin on in the opposite direction that motor turns. It takes a 4-5 foot cheater bar on a half inch drive breaking bar and a great deal of force to get one of those off. The splines in mine were shot as was the driveshaft. Some shafts have rubber bumper buttons on both ends to dampen front to rear play. Newer skis may be different. My 03 4-tec has a similar shaft but the pto looks very different. Luckily I have not needed to mess with it. I haven't seen a Spark or any of the larger motors or shafts up close so I can't say what those setups look like.

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    the crack shaft PTO is replaceable on the 2016 march build date onwards on the older models it can be fixed but need to pull the crank
    search for Matthew Porritt on Facebook he's in New Zeeland he makes a replacement fix for it.

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    It sounds like you are familiar with motors but make sure and check that your motor itself is pushed back to the correct clearance. There should be specs as to how many mm's away you should have it positioned also check all motor mounts. And I believe I am correct in saying you always put front shims in first and use a feeler guage to get it exact... Just some thoughts... Good Luck...

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    had a 2016 spark show up today with as stripped engine coupler. Something really wrong here. I don't expect a coupler fail on a fairly new ski.

    I opted to send my customer to seadoo since she did have an extended warranty.

    Expect a pictorial how to if I end up with the job ( she isn't interested in blowing her days off drragging the ski to multiple delars. I expect they are going to cover it.

    If not I've got the job.

    I had problems finding the PTO sleeve, most of the parts diagrams are from 2014 and don't list it, including the one here. I did call my distributor and he clued me on the part number $220 for the coupler $290 for the driveshaft and at least ac couple of hours of work splitting the hull and getting the coupler off and back together.

    Sounds like an extended warranty is not as expensive as you think.

    I read a message elsewhere that a guy had his driveline crap out several times in short order.

    Hope the new parts have proper heat treating

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