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    2006 RXP trim module fix??

    The trim on my 2006 seadoo RXP stopped working I took out the motor and put it to a battery and it worked so I would assume it is my module that is fired. I first looked at a new one OEM one but did not want to pay $300 I then found a few posts on other forums about using a dei 451m rely to replace the module but could not find anybody else who had done the "fix" on a 06 rxp. I thought all trims were the same for seadoo so I bought the rely because it was only $10 but as I went to install it this weekend the colors of trim wires were different than what color they were said to be online just wondering if anybody has done this install a RXP and if you could give me some pointers on what color trim wires go to rely colors. Thanks

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    Bump! Needing info as well 451m relay is in the mail

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    This has happened to me twice both times the ski was able to be hooked up to buds and the vts just turned back on. On my lcd screen the trim indicator was missing and the vts button did nothing.

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