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    STXR new motor cranks wont start

    I've had a 2002 STX R 1200 for quite a while now, I bought it last August and my friend sunk it after about 20 minutes, the motor seized up. I finally got the motor back together this week, it is in the ski, it cranks but will not start and run.

    Fuel selector is set to "ON"...

    Its getting spark to all three spark plugs. (All 3 are brand new NGK BR9ES)

    I sprayed some starting fluid into each carb and then it starts and runs for a few Im fairly certain the issue is fuel related.

    So I did some reading...Im going to try to eliminate as much as I can before I just buy the rebuild kits for the 3 carbs..or before a plunk down $160 for a new fuel pump.

    I did remove the storage pocket by the ignition key to access the top of the fuel tank already...I pulled the fuel vent check valve and its kindof hard to blow both directions..but some air goes through both directions...not much but with a lil extra ooomph I can blow both ways. Shoukd it be EASY to blow in one direction? (Towards the tank?)

    I also wanted to note...when I pulled the engine back in September...I went outside and noticed that the fuel tank head swelled up. I had assumed that the fuel vent check valve was clogged because if it wasn't, the fuel tank shouldn't have swelled up from the pressure. Think maybe thats related? It eventually pushed all (full tank)the fuel back out into the hull since it wasnt venting the pressure.

    I inspected the fuel strainers...nothin out of ordinary there.

    I havent ruled out the fuel selector or fuel filter yet. I should have bypassed those while i had the fuel tank and lines still together but oh well guess I can put it bk together n do that next.

    So yea..thats pretty much where Im at. :/Click image for larger version. 

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    Btw it has a new rebuilt crank and rods, forged Wiseco pistons, wiseco rings, all new gaskets, o-rings, Etc

    Piston to wall clearance and piston ring end Gap is set according to specifications. Same goes for crankshaft run out, and play, it cetera. I did everything by the book.

    I also tested the oil pump output for each output(Carbs A, B, C- and front and rear balancers) probably about 10 times for each one. Just to be sure.

    Balancers are lined up correctly, magneto is lined up correctly.

    I would be extremely surprised if the issue was anything related to the engine I said..the thing runs on starting fluid. Just to clarify

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    Running 50:1 premix on top of the oil pump as per the manual.

    Im running Mystik JT4 2 stroke oil

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    Have the carbs been apart? I would pull and inspect.

    If the fuel tank has built any pressure and you have the fuel line off in the hull it will be enough to push fuel through the on off valve if not in off position

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    I had plugged the fuel supply hose with a bolt that fit very snuggly. I did not plug the return hose however. I think the pressure built up and pushed the gasoline up the return line and into the hull. I did notice that I had stored the ski with the fuel selector valve in the on position rather than in the off position

    Tonight will be carburetor inspection night LOL

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    Oh and no the carbs have not been apart, at least not when I have owned it

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    My best guess is that since the ski has basically only ran once in the last year, that the insides of the carburetors are gummed up from sitting in storage

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    Hey you or anyone have any info on rebuilding these carbs? Im going to have to read up on how to know when something is amiss...and how to "check the pop off" i hadnt heard of that until i got this ski..

    Theyre Keihin 38mm CDCV carbs right?

    This is my first PWC and my first 2 stroke Ive owned, so Im still learning a lot..its a pretty fun experience since Ive always liked fixing stuff etc... BUT itd be fun to ride the ski too! Lol

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    Should have the Keihin CV carbs. You may have trash in them. Open them up and take a look.

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    Fuel wouldnt have pushed out of the return, it would have come out of the feed.

    Rule of thumb anytime rebuilding engine for any reason open the carbs and have a look. Just pull all covers off and take a look like Steve has said.

    Also with the forged pistons make sure the craft is good and warmed up before getting on it. Ultra community normally favors cast pistons.

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