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    Hi everyone new to the sight and seadoos got a few questions

    I have a 2016 rxt 300 I am going to install a scom intake and flame arrester removal kit all riva products gonna buy them from here but I was wondering with those mods will the ski run to lean on a stock ecu or will it be fine?thanks

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    From what i have read on here , but have no personal first hand experience. If you do the flame arrestor delete you will be too lean and need a reflash ...i have the scom and intake and it is fine

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    3 years with kana flex and flame arrestor removed and no issues. My ski and a buddies (260's and stock ECU).
    A stock ski is lean. With all removed you'll will be leaner.

    Btw having a CAI will have greater impact then the flame arrestor removal IMO.

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    Doing intake on 300 you are borderline too lean. With IMUK you definetly need to flash a tune.

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