Hey folks,

I am facing a problem without a clue..
Heres what happened: After a short day in salt water with heavy waves I cleaned the ski and prepared it to the next trip, a week later I try to run it and it only cranks, Later the gauge went down, and then it stopped to crank even, changed some fuses and it worked but not as slight as it should be. I checked the coils/plugs, I noticed that the second plug doesn't work, so I changed its cable and the ski runs again. I kept it all night charging the battery and a day after I went into lake to check if everything alright.
First it didn't run which seems like the battery died, I connected it again and and kept it turned on for an hour to charge by itself on water. then when I went to try the ski, I got an Oil error and noticed that the vts isn't working, Changed its fuse and everything went alright. but each time I turn it off I need to connect and charge the battery, Although the battery is new!! Later that day I got another time an Oil error and the ski starts bogging any Ideas what to do/check?
* the ski hull got some oil in it!