I recently installed Jim's Modified plate on my ski and has an issue with the (Front Left) Bolt on the plate. I installed the modified plate and added the shim plates to the front two bolts. I put everything back together and the last bolt broke in half without even applying too much pressure to it. Half of it was stuck inside and the other half in my hand. I did get it out however but when I bought the new bolt with the same dimensions, my washer would not fit on the new bolt (Bought at Menards). I did not have time to go buy new washers at the time so I tightened it without the flat washer. The factory bolt comes with 2 washers I got the small one on but the bigger flat one would not go. Would this cause a problem? Should I go and add that last washer or would it be ok to ride like this without the front right washer? The plate sits tight and does not sit lower than the hull or grate.