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    2002 seadoo rxdi charging

    new to the forum have been searching trying to find the answer to my problem.

    just got a 2002 seadoo rxdi previous owner sucked a rope, got the rope out, put the ski in the water and it wouldn't go anywhere.

    I put in a new wear ring and cleaned up the impeller. dropped it in the lake and it runs great. a few minutes into riding i got the maint light and then 12v low.

    it's a brand new battery and I have researched everyone saying it's the rectifier.

    I start the ski up put my meter on my battery and it goes up to 12.5 bolts. if I put one lead on the positive on the battery and ground my meter to one of the exhaust header bolts it jumps up to 14.5 volts.

    could it be a bad ground from the battery? if so could I put a new negative from the battery to the header bolt?

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the GH forum!

    Have a similar issue with a friends DI RX
    (sorry for posting different site, but the explanation is pretty informative)

    Btw next time you need to post in the 2-stroke performance section, as this one is for the 4-tecs

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