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    Flushing on hose?

    Just curiosity but how do you get water in the engine by flushing the ski on a hose and not starting the engine first (not that i plan on doing this)

    Trying to fathom out the cooling diagram (specifically XPL 951) and the only way i can see water getting in the exhaust near the manifold is from the water injection from the regulator?

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    You are correct-the water regulator that's mounted on the water box injects water into the exhaust gas stream that's flowing out of the engine. If there is not any exhaust flow from the running engine, the water will fill the exhaust system. The water level will eventually reach the exhaust ports on the cylinder and flood the engine.

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    ^^^ What he said, except i would like to add that this is why you have to pinch the inlet water line when towing on the water too. If you drag your ski behind another boat or ski on the water there is water forced into the jet pump and through the cooling lines and it fills the exhaust and then the engine just as if you had a hose hooked up and don't have the engine running. If you drag it far enough it will fill the engine, then start running out of the carbs and eventually sink the ski when you finally stop...

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    Interesting guys thank you!

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    You have to block flow before the "T" that feeds the water reg.

    The water will fill the waterbox then pipe then motor if blocked after the "T"

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