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Thread: XPL fuel baffle

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    XPL fuel baffle

    When redoing the fuel lines i forgot which of the smaller lines (fuel return to tank or vent to atmos) goes where on the baffle. Does it matter which nipple these connect to or can they be swapped over?

    Also I havnt replaces the vent lines (tank to atmosphere) or the pulse pump line to carb as they dont carry fuel to carb. Simply becase they are difficult to get at. Is this ok or does anyone have any tricks to get to them?


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    If you look carefully on baffle they are labled. I think your right. Why would it matter if swapped.

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    The best way to get the Pulse line is to take the carbs off... need to take the carbs off anyway while doing this job. The filters in the carbs need to be cleaned and usually when i change these lines i find the inlet fitting of the carbs to be full of green gook from the old crappy lines.

    Does the fuel gauge work properly? If not this is a good time to pull the baffle out and put a new float in it and check the fuse and make that repair if need be. The line locations are super easy to read with the baffle out too... i usually pull it out and clean the tank and start totally fresh when i work over a fuel system. The return and the vent are slightly different i think.. the vent is in a different location on the inside of the baffle so that it's more splash proof to keep fuel from going out of the vent, subtle difference there but i like to put the lines on correctly if possible.

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