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    FX140 help

    finally getting the fx back together but I have a couple questions that hopefully someone here can answer. There appears to be an extra lead in the wiring harness that reaches from approximately the negative battery terminal, to under the electrical box? I can't find anything in that area that the lead should connect to. The ski runs with it unhooked but I feel that it's supposed to be connected to something. Also, after a few seconds of running the check engine light starts flashing which I assume indicates a misfire. From what I can tell, holding both buttons on the cluster should display the code? It did seem slow to start. I'm putting new plugs in tonight as well and hopefully it's as simple as that

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    I'm trying to see what codes I have but when holding down the two buttons on the cluster I can't get it to produce anything. Maybe one of my buttons isn't working properly? I can get the bolts/hours to switch but nothing seems to change when pressing the RPM/Speed button. Is there any other way to retrieve codes? Maybe two connectors I can jump?

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