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    2002 virage I issues

    I bought a 2002 Polaris 800 virage I. For 500 bucks. Drained fuel put new fuel back in it. Replaced plugs and put a new battery on her. Cranked it up and would start and die. Sent emm off to get repaired. Got it back and installed. Cranked her up and she runs now but when I hit the throttle it bogs down and dies. Called emm repair man and he asked if display was working and it's not. When I first stared working on the ski it worked now it does not. He said to start by fixing the display so he can see what's going on. Any info on where the fuse is and what to check would be greatly apprieciated.

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    Welcome to GH!

    There is a wealth of information in my signature link. Of particular interest to you is the display info, and the direct injection info. The fuel pressure regulator is a MUST FIX on DI machines. Also, make sure you used the correct spark plug type (yes, there is only one acceptable type, NGK brand PZFR6H).

    I highly recommend using google to search this site, either from the box on the left, or from a google search box in your browser like this:
    polaris di display

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    Does the the Kawasaki inline regulator work? If not is there somehwheres I can just buy I new pump assembley?

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    NO the kawasaki regulator is not a recommended fix. There is no need to buy a new fuel pump assembly, K447's instructions (in my signature links) on how to reinforce the stock configuration is what you need to do. In the Virage, you can pull the fuel tank forward JUST far enough to get the pump assembly out. It can be a little tricky to disconnect the connections (fuel and wires) to the tank first, but it can be done.

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    That's what I needed to know, thank you!

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    Trying to locate exactly what fuel hose to use on the regulator in the tank and where I can purchase it at, like a local marine shop? And can you get the oetikier clamps at an automotive store, hope I spelled that right. Thanks for your help! Also can you tell
    me the exact size of the hose and which size clamps I'll need. The post is kinda confusing for which size for which hoses.

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    Here is an Amazon link for the immersion rated hose:

    To be honest, I've just been re-utilizing the short length of the original hose. I supplement tapping threads into the nylon and the barbed fitting by utilizing 3M Structural Adhesive as a "thread sealant" as well as shaping the excess around the perimeter of the barb hex and on to the nylon housing. I've done quite a few and haven't had an issue with regulator falling off again. I warm the OEM hose/tube with a heat gun before attempting to push over the hose barb as well as coating the barbs with some lightweight grease. In this manner, it can be fully seated on the hose barb.

    You can obtain Oetiker clamps from McMaster-Carr:

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    Regulator was intact but the brown wire was off what would that effect?
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    Brown wire just goes to fuel gauge. Did you test fuel pressure? You might have a bad pump.

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    Like an idiot I did not test I assumed it was the regulator. Is there a way to test it while it's out of the tank?

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