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    2016 rxpx 300 vs 2017 rxpx 300?

    Does anyone know the differences if any? Looking to save money on an 2016 overstock but wondering if it's worth it if there's problems that were solved in 2017. Thanks in advance

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    Same ski. Only real difference is the 2017 comes with all the updates from factory and the 2016 will be dealer updated (head bolts, reposition of cooler hose clamp, iBR software update, ect..). Hopefully a dealer will do all the TSB updates before you get it. Ask them about it!

    Regardless what year you get, its your job as an invested owner to go through and tripple check all (coolant) hose clamps and in some cases, just replace with better quality units (AWAB). Last thing we want to read is yet another story where a coolant hose popped off and overheated a new motor. Also, make sure oil level is NOT above high mark. Dealers needed a lesson from BRP on how to properly do it

    Deciding '16 or '17 300 PX is a great first world problem to have. In your face you filthy bearded terrorists

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    I agree with Sanfish. Check all hoses. My main line in from the pump was lose. Found it when I installed the water strainer. Has to be one of the hardest clamps toget too.

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    Agreed with samfish. My 16 rxp300 had all updates done before pickup and last night while doing a thruhull I went through the clamps and you wouldn't believe how many of them were finger tight .

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