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    buds computer for sale

    there is a buds computer for sale on e bay

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    Quote Originally Posted by rckid999 View Post
    there is a buds computer for sale on e bay
    Won't be for long, it's gonna be a stolen unit, you can't sell them...


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    Even if it came with a password, which is does not. It would only be good for 1 year before the privileges would expire. Then you would need a hook up with a dealer to get a new acess code.

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    Privileges do not expire and the password is tied to the machine not the program so if you can find a really good friend to give you a copy of the newer program then you are all set to go.

    Trust Me!!!

    P.S. without the password it is no good. The box cannot be hacked, period.

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    the password its what its cost you the buds its for free

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