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    Exhaust & Intake 05 SCIC

    Hey group,

    This is my first thread, lucky to have found this community.
    Was quickly dirrected here by Riva when for asking to many comaptability questions for a jet boater.

    I am in heaven now, and have begun the mod' journey..

    Today I went to my local exhaust shop, brought in my resonator and had them cut some aluminized pipe in the diameter & length needed and had them lay a weld bead around each to re-create the lip on the stock piece..

    Now I am convinced that "Spectre Industries" makes the perfect solution for our intake and rectafier issue.. You can customize the routing w/ 3" diameter ABS tubes(insulates from heat) in 22,45,60 and 90deg elbows w/ 4 and 6" straight sections and a "Y" pipe. They offer couplers in a variety of colors and cone filters in colors as well.
    Being that my boat is too yellow, I figured why not yellowfy the motor as well.

    My plan is to havc the "Y" about 6" out of the stock inlet boot and have a 3" Cone filer off one side of the "Y" and route the other to air box boot. Thus maintaining the function of the stock air box as it relates to the cooling the rectafire while having access to unrestricted amounts air when the engine needs.

    The sources on line for the modular kits are few, but Summit racing is one.. They also offer alluminum tubes for those who doubt the Chrome ABS plastic.

    Before I pull the trigger here and drop $180 on the kit, do any of you know if a 3" tube will even go in the boots? The stock pirce that connects the two boots measures closer to 2.75".

    Thanks in advance
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    I've tried every combination I can think of for the intake, and having a "Y" connector utilizing the stock intake and the spectre filter has been the best performer so far. Follow this thread for details:

    The only nagging problem with that setup was breathing in hot engine air, so I'm working on a solution for that. Using the stock hose too, helps the rectifier, but also I think it's important to have the breather hose working. What I don't know is: if the breather hose is using a true PCV valve (I don't know if it is?), am I still creating enough of a vacuum in the stock hose to open that up correctly at high throttle? I hope so.

    I got my 4" to 3" 90 degree elbow from Taking a little sliver out of the 3" side allowed me to use a clamp and reduce it down to the size of the supercharger inlet.

    Actually, in my latest design, I tossed the elbow, and go 4" all the way to the supercharger (using a 4" SC adapter) and straight back with the "Y" connection. I will still be several weeks before I can test that out.

    '07 Speedster 150

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    Thanks for the message,

    If the PCV valve issue is true (good thinking), then wouldn't the additional flow of the 4" system compound things by further reducing the draw on the valve?

    I am a little worried about the hot air as well, but the stock box just draws the same air so I figured I could play with ducting outside air later w/ only gains to be seen. When driving I tend to leave the stock fan on a lot, and monitor the temp with my hand just behind the driver's seat, you can feel when the air temp drops, I think the heat might be less of an issue than it is.

    Has anyone added addtional vent holes to the engine bay, like just adding two more just behind the stock ones?

    Gonna try to get out today and rock the un-resonated exhaust, can't wait to hear her growl..

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    PCV; yes, that's my worry, if it is a PCV valve, that drawing in extra air using the "Y" connector might not open the valve correctly at WOT. If it's not a valve, but simply a tube that's always open, then there's less to worry about.

    I drilled a 4.5" hole in front of the existing port side engine vent hole, and installed a 4" flow-rite. The air flow is routed into the supercharger, with a catch-can to capture any water intrusion. The flow-rite impeded air flow more than I thought, so I'll add another on the starboard side.


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