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    SPEAKERS for a Kawasaki 250x

    Has anyone added speakers, or a little system setup on there Kawasaki ski? Looking for any info or install help for my Kawi 250x. Any help, where to buy, any reviews, or install info would be much appreciated!! Pics would be awesome as well!! TIA

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    I did a couple of years back. The real limitation is available power, the stators generally generate enough power for operation and to charge the battery with very little left over for a sound system. You'll want to keep the amplifier under 40W like this one
    and find small very efficient speakers. I have seen some people add a second battery and modify the charging system, but that to me seems like a lot of work for modest results.

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    Gotcha, thanks for the info. I actually need to replace my stator sooner or later, but planned on running the speakers and amp to a seperate battery for sound only. I found a nice little setup on HiFi sound connection, but they seem really High and I havent seen any reviews on the whole setup. Just wanting a little something for cruising or chilling on the beach with cold beer!!1 Thx

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