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    hard miss at wot

    hey guys when my 15 fz got a new motor it did the following (pre scom) 1 time at around 5 hrs- wot and bam a solid miss like i let off the throttle. now at 12 hrs and after scom it did it 3 more times only at wot. so i took it back to dock, pushed on scom wire and too the plug out of the fuel separator- there was a tiny bit of water on the end and idk if some water dumped out when i unscrewed it also the plug easily unscrewed and when i put it back in i got it tight. after doing the above it ran great. my rpms even pre- scom are close to 7700 what does the limiter feel like when u hit it? my plugs have 12hrs on them but man when u start my ski it is very rich!

    has anyone had this happen to them?

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    More than likely you are hitting the revlimiter hard. Replace sparkplugs first to be sure you don't have a bad sparkplug then re test. If the problem is still there and your rpm's are 7700+ look into a larger pitch prop or reflashing your ecm to a higher rev limit. Tommy Jordan

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    thank you so much for the reply tommy!! ill replace the spark plugs this weekend!!

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