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    Seadoo 800 1997 damaging spare plug

    Regards, I have a seadoo 800 and I have this problem: I turn it normal I do the water I'm running a normal time, when I stop running I turn it off I do not want to turn on, I change the spares and it turns on, I go back and I turn it off and it does not want to arrest, The spares cease to function and I have to mount new ones for him to catch, he damages the spares. The blend is made perfect 50: 1 Amsoil dominator. Someone who knows and can clarify this doubt,
    Thank you..!

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    Welcome to Greenhulk! If you are running 50:1, the problem is not oil, it is petrol/gasoline. If you stop, can you start it back up immediately? If so, then the likely problem is your carburetors are leaking and need new needles and seats. What happens is gasoline seeps through the bad needle/seats, and creates a very rich mixture so your ski will not start when hot.

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    If you are getting a lot of oil into the cylinders, then your rotary shaft seals on the crankshaft could be leaking. I have seen several 800 with leaking shaft seals. The oil leaks from the rotary valve compartment into the cylinders. You have to replace the crankshaft, or have the center seals on the crankshaft replaced to fix this.

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    Do a compression check... i bet this engine is low on compression.

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