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    2017 RXP-X 300 Oil Leak From Factory

    i was wondering if anyone else has had the problem i had. i bought a 2017 RXP-X 300 and finally had good enough weather to run it for about an hour and a half and this weekend. after i was done i had noticed oil in the hull. i checked the dipstick and it was about a quart low. i finally found the problem the oil temp sensor was loose i was able to back it off with my finger. you can see it had never been tightened from factory by the aluminum washer. i did not even have the paint mark on it like the rest of the bolts have to check they have been torqued.

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    Nice job catching this

    Yet another QC fail on BRP's new line of $15K piñatas

    BTW: The 1qt low is less troublesome to me but the slight loss is oil pressure is of some concern (IMO). You may want to document this (with pictures) and put dealer on notice. 1qt leaking out over 1.5hrs isn't a big leak (for it being under pressure) and obviously the low oil pressure warning didn't trigger so...roll with it.

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