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    95 xp starter problem

    The starter on my xp won't turn over. Here is what I have checked so far. I have 12.15v on the battery. 11.75v at the starter. The solenoid clicks when I push the start button and I have even switched out solenoids with another that I had that I know is good. All fuses are good. If i pull the safety lanyard the solenoid doesn't click. I have also pulled the starter out and checked it on another battery and it turns fine. Now this was a full size car battery so I am wondering if the extra amps may have cause it to turn. At times when you hit the start switch I hear a very faint cracklin sound at the starter. I pulled the plugs out and took the plastic shield off at the back and can turn the engine freely by hand. This one is really causeing me to scratch my head. Any ideas? Thanks, Karl.

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    Check the ground wire where it connects to the engine...they have been notorious for corroding under the heat-shrink tubing at the crimp connector. If this isn't bad hook your voltmeter up to the hot wire at the starter, and battery ground. Then try to start to ski and verify voltage. If above 11 volts the starter is bad.

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    Well the ground wire looks fine and I'm getting 11.5v at the starter so I guess that's going to be what I have to do. Thanks for the help 96XPSS. I guess I'll have to order one and have it sent to my wife's hotel in lafayette since I plan on leaving here and heading down that way for a week before MB.

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