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    300x starting difficulty

    took my 300 out today and when I hit the start button it fired up immediately and then died so I tried again and it would spin over and try to fire then eventually it started and had a low rough idle for a split second then it went to normal idle and ran fine the rest of the day. anyone know what it might have been

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    How many Hours on your Spark Plugs? JB

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    Ex filter

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    What they mean is .. ur plugs should be changed between 25 hours religiously .. less if u have anything done to it .. also the exhaust filter will affect ur ski during a cold start .. any start really .. that should be changed at 35 hours .. a lot of maintenance needed on a Kawasaki but it's better then a lot of major issue's compared to a sea doo or Yamaha .. stay on top of these 2 things on a religious basis along with ur oil filter and oil change .. remember 3 quartz of ur oil will never come out so its always dirty so keep them changed constantly as well and the reason 3 quartz will never come out is bcuz .. if u lose ur oil filter and blow all of the oil out .. u will still have some oil in there so it won't lock up sieze up blow up and it will run in shut down mode and hopefully get u back to the dock or at least not leave u completely stranded .. it was actually designed this way intentionally for this reason .. just one more reason that Kawasaki is the way to go

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    Quartz is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms in a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall chemical formula of SiO2. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in Earth's continental crust, behind feldspar.

    plural noun: quarts
    a unit of liquid capacity equal to a quarter of a gallon or two pints, equivalent in the US to approximately 0.94 liter and in Britain to approximately 1.13 liters.

    5 quarts is easy to get out with the nose tilted down. Im not sure how you'll get the rocks out though..... Good luck with That oil pressure sensor that is suppose to help you into limp mode and save you!

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    Ur 300 must have close to zero hours bcuz I'm not sure how u have a 300 are not familiar with this until now .. most people including dealerships will suggest removing the filter and replacing it with a block off plate .. some people even drill a tiny hole in that plate from my understanding .. yet my plate has not been drilled .. the issue with the plate however is .. the long term affect on the ski .. which is somewhat lengthy to explain however has not been proven yet .. at least not on a '16

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    MWHC .. I'm not sure what ur point is .. If ur trying to make me look foolish remember auto correct is enabled .. hard for me to believe ur this petty .. but I never took notice .. anyhow . the ski holds 8 quarts when u remove it from the crate .. if u believe I'm incorrect .. ur wasting ur time googling the wrong thing .. u will never remove all the oil even if u tilt it down .. blow the filter off at full throttle .. or flip it upside and shake it .. the end

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    Ybnvs2, the current generation 310's hold almost 6 qts of Oil. I believe the 300's hold about 5 qts. In either Ski, 8 qts of OIL would be way way too much. On my 310, i am able to pull almost all of the Oil out with a good marine style oil sucker.

    In a properly cared for recreational Ultra, the Plugs and Exhaust Filter should be able to go 100 hours. We have seen many here get to those numbers. In the Racing world, those numbers will vary some depending on how hard the Ski is being pushed.

    But I think in "any" scenario, the Spark Plugs should live well past 25 hours. If not, then Post Ride care maintenance steps need to be revisited. JB

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    Dont even have to try and make you look foolish you do it by yourself.... straight from the book. 5.8 US qt. Sure you can pour 8 in there, it will technically hold it in there, do it, let me know how it goes

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    No time to debate trolls anymore, time for bed!

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