Yeah, I love HF..I no longer lose sleep over the $24 snap on socket I carelessly dropped into that hull last weekend.

You just love those prices too right..everything seems to always be on "some kind of sale"

well things get better.......

Seems that HF has violated the grand poobah of consumer protection laws and is going to have to pay up. Seems that something on "sale" has specific parameters I won't bore you with, but we all know the perpetual going out of biz sales are illegal

you can qualify for the class action a couple of ways, I qualified for 10% refund on everything I bought that I had a credit card statement for. Its unfortunate, but the receipts for some bigger buys are on thermal paper and I did not hermetically seal them in inert gas, nor was I smart enough at the time to dump out all of my electronic credit card statements from the beginning of the class period ( 2011), had I been able to produce those, it would have been 20% on every single item I every bought from them ( and it was some pretty high dollar items I used to set up my shop initially)

if you can't find anything ,but will swear on a stack that you did buy something that was on sale you can get $10 g/c

details here, if you are new at this, it could be a year or two before you get a payout. I got one from ebay a few years ago for .02 never cashed it.