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    1995 SL 650 Updates!!

    Morning all,

    i am new to this thread i a skimmed through the thread looking for updates and stuff for my ski. I bought the Ski dirt cheap.

    With trailer and ski i bought for 100 due to family just wanting it gone. They stated that it did not run, but the only thing is needed for a good carb rebuild.

    I am currently looking for a updated list on the parts that are needed to be changed to fix some of the original flaws.

    Also one of the previous owners redirected the fuel water separator i am unsure if that was one of the updates or not, the only thing i am aware of is the triple fuel pump outlet.

    Ski runs great, just needs some good TLC.

    Any help to a new Fuji owner would be great or if someone could guide me to another thread.

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    Sweet I really appreciate it. I don't mind putting money into into the incentive I got this ski for 100 bucks with trailer. They just wanted it gone. But I have cleaned the ski up the best I can without removing the motor. Runs good but want to fix everything/update before I put anymore hours on it. I'm think carb rebuild and update the fuel pump and line together. Any suggestions on which lines the run, the fuel pump comes with blue lines.

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