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Thread: 1st Time out!!!

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    1st Time out!!!

    Ok----Yesterday was my first time out this year after changing my impeller......Man what a difference out of the hole!!!!!

    The boat throws you back and before you can blink you are at 50++++

    Unfortunately I was in Chicago on Lake Michigan (1-2 foot waves) so testing out top end wasn't in the cards. I ran it at about 3/4 throttle just inside a breaker wall and was able to get to 55 mph on the GPS......I'll be testing it a a lake in Wisconsin next weekend so I'll really be able to see the top end.

    Anyone know where the rev limiter kicks in on these boats???? Just couriois as I imagine I may be close to hitting it.


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    What impeller did you throw in..?

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    I put on the Solas 13/18

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    I told ya! 13/18 rocks. I'm hoping I'll be able to stick with it for a while and just add one or two mm to the trailing edge as mods require. The 13/18 really makes the boat accelerate like a jetski, but the downside is, you may not see much more of a topend past 55mph without tweakin' the prop.

    The rev limiter is supposed to be at 8200. With my intake and 13/18, I was spinning 8100-8150... perfect, but, I had heard a *rumor* that the ECU starts to retard timing before 8200, so I didn't know if that was the case, and still don't know for sure. I'm going to get a green SC impeller and see if that has me hitting the limiter, then I can tweak the prop down from there.


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    VX1----Keep us posted as you add more mods to boat!!!!

    Thanks again for your input on the impeller


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    after scanning more threads there seems to be confirmation that the motor prefers 8100 vs 8200, as there was a guy who consistently went faster at the lower rpm.

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