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    2016 Yamaha FZS at dealership service dept 200 days without being fixed. Suggestions?

    I have a 2016 Yamaha FZS.

    I bought it new last summer, the summer of 2016.

    The ski currently has 54 hours on it.

    It has been at the service department for 200 days now.

    It has had the following repairs done;

    Throttle Body

    4 different ECMs have been tried on the ski (The original ECM, a replacement 2016 ECM, a 2015 ECM, a 2017 ECM)

    A small pinhole, or crack was found in the cylinder head, so that was replaced. However this did not resolve the problem.

    The ski was test ridden for 2-3 hours by the service department after the cylinder head was replaced. Then the new spark plugs were black. Apparently turning black with soot WAY earlier than they should have. (possibly a new problem brought on by something related to the cylinder head replacement)

    Before the cylinder head was replaced, a Yamaha regional tech came and rode the ski.

    He observed an additional symptom which I had not really noticed.

    He advised that the problem was related to the supercharger.

    Once the ski was back at the dealership, they determined that the supercharger was fine, but found the above-mentioned cylinder head problem.

    NOTE: After they replaced the cylinder head, they kindly allowed me to water test the ski.

    I have video of the ski exhibiting the same problem / symptom during the above-mentioned water test in view of a dealership employee.

    I have video of the ski exhibiting the problem going back to when the ski was very new.

    Many here told me things like 'You idiot, just take it to the dealership' and 'you are just riding it wrong'.

    Well, the service dept acknowledged a problem, and has tried to fix it.

    Then, the regional tech acknowledged a problem, and recommended a course of action.

    So, hopefully it is well-settled that the ski has a problem.

    The service department says they have performed around $7000 in warranty work in the ski.

    Now, on the 200th day that the ski is in the shop, the service dept seems to be really tired of dealing with the ski, and at their wits end with trying to fix it.

    So, the regional Yamaha tech is scheduled to come ride it again in about a week.

    Meanwhile, the weather is warming up here in Florida and I cannot ride the ski that I paid around 16k for, including a 4 year warranty.

    I am writing this VERY late at night. I will add more details and answer questions, and respond to responses later.

    Not lying about anything, ALL of the above is really true. I am not a Yamaha hater. I still believe that statistically speaking they are still the best PWC.

    I just got very unlucky.

    Okay.... any suggestions, even from the haters, appreciated.

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    Pressure the Yamaha rep for a new ski.

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    I feel your pain-it is every rider's most feared nightmare. My '17 Sea-Doo sunk and BRP is considering fixing it. I really am sick of hearing these stories and an individual is powerless against a big company. I just thought I'd give you some moral support.

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    Check the lemon laws in your state.

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    push them to say its fixed, once they say its fixed trade it in, cut ur losses and move on

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    Quote Originally Posted by seabrook View Post
    push them to say its fixed, once they say its fixed trade it in, cut ur losses and move on
    That's exactly what I did with a 2012 FZR I owned. I spent an entire summer trying to get the POS to run. Life is too short to mess with some problems.

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    What is the name of this incompetent dealer?

    Quote Originally Posted by dolphinride View Post
    I can certainly understand you wanting me to post that information here.

    I am not sure how the service manager would feel about that.

    He has been really cool, and I dont want to burn any bridges.

    This is the internet.

    I would DEFINITELY want the same thing you are asking for....

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    time for an attorney. Send a registered letter to the dealership AND the CEO of Yamaha US. Stay on point that you paid $16k and they cannot get their product to perform as promised.

    Give then 30 more days () since you are a helluva nice guy and this is certain an "unusual situation" ( by the way that is NOT YOUR PROBLEM)

    Accept a full refund OR a brand new ski ( I'd take the refund and go someplace else)

    DO NOT name the dealer at this time, it will only weaken your position in negotiations

    Be cautious about naming names or making accusations, that should be up to your attorney.

    Gonna cost you at least $500 to get started, but in many areas, legals costs are paid by the losing side.

    A consultation won't cost you much if anything.

    Find a lemon law attorney, they will be familiar with warranty law in the US

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    What is the name of this incompetent dealer?
    Thanks for responding.

    Been waiting for you to chime in, sir.

    I really expected to see more questions along the lines of;

    'Well, what the heck is wrong with the ski'.

    This the 'intermittently stalling upon release of the throttle issue'.

    Yes, the service manager saw the ski stall. He said that is definitely a problem. He said they would fix it.

    Much later, after the dealer had experienced some measurable difficulty in diagnosing the ski, and eliminating the problem symptom, they called in the Regional Yamaha Tech who also saw the ski stall, and also agreed that the ski should not be stalling. I was there for the water test with the regional rep.

    The dealership is once again going to water test my ski tomorrow.

    The regional tech is scheduled to come out again on 3/30/2017.

    As frustrated as I am, I am not ready to release their name in this forum yet.

    Not ready to suffer any 'burned bridge' effect just yet. Close, I think...

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    why do i feel as if they havent pulled the motor completely and diagnosed it from the ground up. 7k in warranty work = bad dealership working Yamaha or whatever brand in general for free labor. Hope you get it sorted!

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