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    Smile Best GP1300R performance mods.

    Hi Guys,

    I am a newbie when it gets to mods.

    I found diffrent intake grates, diffrent impeller and so on.

    I have this stock GR1300R 2003, and i want some more out of this jet.

    This is what i found on "Parts unlimited":

    1. Intake plate. (which is best? and is it the same as GP1200R?)

    2. Impeller?. (which is best and performs best?)

    3. D-Plate (There is one from jetworks and R&D?) + Cat temp. chip.

    4. R&D exhaust power sleeve (Does that work great???)

    What do you say about these mods. Would it give more accel. and top-end?

    And which brand should i choose...

    Hope U guys can help, cause i´m lost...

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    1 IR rideplate
    2 R&D Intake Grate
    4 Impeller-- MANY ways you could go with this one on an 03---You could even upgrade to the newer 05-07 pump for the price your going to spend on an impeller and nozzle ( required with impeller change on the 03's )
    5 D-Plate--- Riva's on the 13's

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