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    GTX 185 SC - Which intake to go for?

    Any opinions on the various different aftermarket air intake systems to look at?
    I notice some go only just beyond the engine (like RIVA) whereas others may go further forward towards the fuel tank and closer to where the OEM air intake sits. Maybe its drier there and/or cooler air???


    Second question - I was going to unbolt my intake grate, sand blast it and re-paint. The thought being it might give a smoother water flow = more speed???
    Question is - do the retaining bolts have any sealant on them which I would need to replace....I assume they go through the hull?


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    I like the 4" Kanaflex ran all the way to the front over the top of the existing air box using the K&N marine filter. Use blue Loctite on the bolts in the grate & re-seal the grate to the rideplate & hull with The Right Stuff by Permatex. I don't think painting the grate will make any difference but adding an aftermarket one will, such as the R&D. RR

    4" Kanaflex do it yourself air intake kit for 185/215/255/260 Skis

    This it contains all the parts needed for you to build your own custom 4" air intake kit. The installation of this 4" air intake typically provides a...
    4" SD Air Kit185/215/255/260 $209.95

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    The 4" kanaflex intake is the way to go.

    The stock intake grate is terrible. Remove it and replace it with this one

    R & D Sea Doo Aquavein Grate for RXT / GTX

    R&D's new Aquavein Scoop Grate kit that is now available for SEA-DOO's new supercharged model is an absolute necessity to tame the cavitation that is...
    113-95000 $169.95

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