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Thread: Mold on seats

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    Mold on seats

    What is the best way to remove mold from jetski seats??

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    Bleach and water 50% mix ratio good luck

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    NO, No bleach it will do cosmetic damage to plastics and decals. Use this. Spray liberally and let stand and dry on its own. repeat if necessary.*

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    Bleach wont hurt anything if you take the seat off! (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seadoodoc View Post
    Bleach wont hurt anything if you take the seat off! (:
    Just rinse the seat really well after the bleach treatment, maybe stand it on end to drain and dry.

    I use Simple Green and Bleach mixture in 50-50 ratio, squirt bottle.

    Wear old clothes, don't breathe the bleach fumes!

    Work well away from everything else, rinse the area thoroughly, then let it dry.

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    Bleach doesn't hurt the vinyl, but it will kill the stiching.

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