I just bought clean 97' Tigershark 770 from my friend that he got in some trade anyways he knows no history on it.

The stator cover was removed and the starter was missing.

I'm thinking the bendix seized because it looks like they tried to remove the flywheel.

I had a starter from a parts machine so I hooked it to the battery cables to the starter to make sure the start stop switch and everything else worked before installing and with a new battery it did nothing.

I opened up the box and jumped the solenoid and the starter spun like crazy.

I then put my test light on the output side of solenoid and I had nothing but I have power on the input side and also the yellow wire from the start switch.

I then tried three different solenoid from some Polaris and Kawasaki boxes I had laying around and the same thing happens.

I know it's possible that I could have multiple bad solenoid but am I missing something.

Ebox battery cables are hooked up to a fresh battery and the starter is removed but connected to the output on the solenoid and by a ground to the battery.

I also noticed there's some kind of relay in the box is it possible that the relay is the problem?

Thanks for your input.