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    Jetworks alternative?

    I have a lightly modded gpr and want a little more holeshot, but for the most part it is a rec ski and I don't think I NEED that much more out of the hole.

    If I understand right the jetworks keeps the water box dry so there is less restriction at lower rpms.

    My 2 thoughts are:

    Don't the powervalves do this as well by design? Do you lose something by taking away that restriction? (probably a moot point)

    My real question is can you use a high temp high volume water pump tapped into the water box to empty it before a launch and have the ski operate as normal unless you specificAlly want to empty the box?

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    Why bother.

    Jetworks cuts the water below 3500rpm. The idle gasses expel and dry the exhaust. They are virtually fool proof and less prone to failure than a high temp pump and electronics.

    Jetworks fully installed works out to less than us$100

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    I already have a pump and If it fails the system runs like normal. Ive read a few stories of overheating and clogged valves.. I also let other people ride it and don't want them to screw it up by idling for a long time or something like that.. I also only really want to do this for a drag race that is stopping in my town this summer.. Other than that I don't really need much better wholeshot

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    So then do you idea and see if it works.

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    Just an observation...most of your threads are about NOT using what we have all proven works on this site. Are you trolling?

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