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    Drag race launch technique

    A hydro drag race is coming to my hometown and I plan on running my gpr for kicks and giggles.. I've seen ski races where they are tethered to the dock and released on the green light and I've seen people use reverse to keep the ski from moving while revving before the run. But I won't have a dock to start from and I don't have reverse.

    Any tricks?

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    Interested in hearing answers on this too

    The only thing I can say is use your trim. I don't have neautral or reverse either (Waveraider) but by going full down on trim to launch, it keeps the hull planted and gets it moving forward quicker.

    Other guys I run with have much bigger skis than me (VXR's, SVHO's RXP's) and they either don't know how to trim or don't bother. All their thrust goes into launching them out of the water and I can get out in front by several lengths.

    After a few seconds and your ski's settled go full trim-up for max speed

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    Yeah the hard part is figuring out if I go from idle or if I can just kill it and then start it and hammer it on the light.

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