Today i tested this two props back to back in my moded RXT using the Riva adjustable nozzle with the stock oem size 83mm ring, the first prop tested was the solas 4 blade 14/19 reptiched to 14/20 specs by Dave from Impros, right after i leave the shore i was sure that i was going to do a good speed run since the last time that i tested her for the first time i did a 73.3 MPH pass @ only 8250 peak rpms with my early Riva S3 SC after that speed run the prop was tweaked a little (-1.5mm in the trailing edge and also my Riva S3 SC was replaced for the bad A$$ Rude charger.

Water conditions...FLAT.. no riple no anything just flat like glass
Air temp.... 90 deg
Rider weight...145 pounds
Fuel quantity... 3 fuel bars
Mods ... the ones in my signature

Top speed....75 MPH @ 8550-8600 rpms, the ski was all over the rev limiter @ only 3/4 throttle, please gentlemans keep in mind that this speed was achieved with the stock size 83mm ring NOT with the smaller 82 or 81mm rings so there is still more hidden speed there

Coments.... very good acceleration and midrange power with absolutely 0 cavitation from the hole.

Second test... Riva skat 15/19 3 blade prop tested the way she comes from the manufacturer "out of the box" this other prop test was done with aprox 20 minutes difference from the first one since this prop was already installed in a spare pump.

Top speed....74 MPH @ only 8350 peak rpms @ WOT , this test was done also with the stock 83mm ring size to keep the prop test comparison as fair as posible, everything else was the same, water conditions, air temps etc....

Coments... the acceleration was improved, it was almost SCARY with very strong midrange power as well but as you can see this prop couln't match the top speed numbers of the solas prop, so the solas is back in the ski againg but this time with a 81mm ring size, stay tuned to the board i will complete this second prop test this next Sunday, good night