just curious what to look for as my 2 stroke ages. I have a 1999 SUV1200 with 310 hours. compression is good in all three cyclinders. I've only had the ski a year and it ran very well all last season.

what exactly should I look for that would indicate age/hours are catching up? or, more specifically, is there some type of maintenance that must be done like with a car when you hit 100,000 miles? I just know I've heard that 2 stroke engines have issues much sooner than 4 stroke but I don't know what constitutes an "old" 2 stroke in terms of hours.

I'm not an engine/motor guy in terms of troubleshooting and diagnosing but if I know what to look for or replace I can takle most jobs or bring it to a qualified person. I'd just rather know in advance what to expect.