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    First Oil Change question

    What is the consensus of the board, do most people service their own skis? Or is it better to take it to the dealer for oil changes? (specifically, the first oil change)

    Also, on a 2015 Spark - what is the difficulty level of the oil service?


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    I let my dealer service my machine until the warranty was out. I felt that way there was less likely a chance of issues with any warranty work because all service was documented. After that download a service manual & do everything that you can yourself & save that extra money for mods, gas & beer. Never changed the oil in a Spark but it can't be much different from other skis. RR

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    i'd let the dealer do the first service, this way the factory seal on the oil filter bolt are broken and the cover removed.

    the only tricky thing about the spark is trying to change the oil without splitting the hull. you best keep a firm grip on tools, bolts and other bits cause it's a one way trip to hull splitting if you drop something.

    even at my fastest it's 40 minutes off and on.

    you essentially work thru a very limited access point, and the very first time I had one, I said WTF is this? The access covers frankly speaking, could have been significantly larger..maybe the 2018 models....

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    If I had a spark, this would be my first mod

    RIVA Spark Engine Access Kit:

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    Do it yourself. Just keep any and all receipts. I buy the filter from the dealer. Oil... I won't open a can of worms. Do a search.
    And while you're searching look up the Magnuson Moss Act.

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