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    Is it safe to load a Sea Doo Spark On Floating Drive On Lift?

    Hello everyone.

    We live on the water and recently purchased and installed two floating pwc lifts. One so is for a Sea Doo GTI and the other is for a yet to be determined PWC. I had decided to buy a Spark 3up for the second craft, but after speaking to a colleague am a little concerned about the durability of the hull of the Spark when it comes to loading/unloading of the drive on lifts.
    Is the Spark hull durable enough to handle this type of activity without damage or should I opt for a PWC with more “traditional” hull material?

    Unfortunately, with where they are located we do not have the ability to mount a winch to pull the spark up onto the lift super gently. It needs to be able to be driven on in the manner the floats were intended to be used..

    I could honestly use some guidance on this and any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Our lifts are exactly like the ones pictured below. Thanks!

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    I put mine on and off more than a dozen times a week.
    Every time I pull it out on trailer to bend prop or replace dam vts rod's that break,, I get up close to the bottom to inspect for scratches and marks- All Good.
    old school sport port - no rollers..
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    I have two Sparks and use the EZDock and it has rollers. I roll them on and off 8 to 10 times a week. I have to admit I am a little concerned but never have seen any negative effects. I did install a winch for one, the one I use if I am by myself. The other one we pull it up, they only weigh about 450 pounds, by the way I have done this by myself at times.

    My 2 cents, I think most of us are not use to the idea of a plastic haul, I know over the last year I have been paranoid about the hulls at times. I personally dont like the idea of driving any ski on the docks.

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    Thank you both for your replies. I'm still grappling with what to do on this. I've been thinking about breaking down and buying an RXPX, but know with 3 kids I ought to be more sensible and go with the 3 up Spark. Regardless, since I carry insurance on the PWC I own I am probably overthinking this issue. A hull repair would only be a deductible away I guess.

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    Why not an rxtx or another 3 seater model? Imo the 3 up spark is a 2 person ski.

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    I agree, at least for grown ups, three kids on the other hand would probably work though.

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    Ive been using a similar dock since our sparks were new. No issues so far.

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    Hi folks. Figured I would reply with an update. Ended up purchasing two sparks and we have three skis counting the GTI which means we have three floating lifts as well. we have not had any problems with the any of them so far. Easy on, easy off. The lifts have been great.

    Still want an RXPX though.

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    good to hear.

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