Good Evening:

First post. This forum looks like a wonderful resource. I hope to be able to contribute in time and not just lurk in the shadows.

I bought 3, 2015 3up models in the last 6 months. All 3 are basically new with about 25 hours or less when purchased. River ridden only, garage kept. I bought these for the "Kids" (yea right) and we are super excited about them. I love the basic, purist nature of these machines. They have high-tech in them, but it is not in your face with "TECH". Light, fast and just a blast to drive.

(QUESTION on extended service/warranty coverage for IBR actuator problems)

All 3 machines are covered under 4 year extended service plans. One is covered by B.E.S.T and the other two with Pinnacle Protection Plan. The B.E.S.T machine was bought at the end of summer 16 and we out about 30 hours on the machine with no problems so far.

The other two were recently purchased. I bought them knowing both machines include a transferrable extended service plan and that one of them has an IBR fault. The nozzle cover will not go up and down. Machine is in limp home mode. "c2101 actuator movement warning"

I did not worry about it as I assumed the issue would be covered by the Pinnacle Protection Plan (PPP).

So after paying the plan transfer fee $40 x 2, I took the unit to my local dealer for diagnostic and repair. Dealer says the IBR actuator is bad and must be replaced: SD part# 278003283

Total estimate with parts and labor is about $1,900. This one IBR part alone is $1,259. Dealer submitted the claim to PPP where the claim was promptly denied. PPP explained that coverage is only available for components listed in the plan description. "IBR" "Brake" "Actuator" nowhere to be found in the plan description. So components like power trim motor, power trim switch are covered while nothing to do with IBR is covered. The reason is simple. The plan description was written generically and is very outdated, Technology has changed and the plans do not reflect this progress. Given all the issues BRP is having with IBR, I am sure PPP is not going to update the plan language any time soon.

So, anyone else running into this issue? Anyone else using PPP and happy with the service/coverage? Anyone successfully replace the 278003283 IBR actuator under your extended service plan? What about BRP customer "good will" ? Any luck with BRP covering components like this after the warranty period?

NOTE: PPP did cover a throttle sensor and about an hour of labor for a total of about $300 towards my $1,900 bill.

Information, suggestions, advice...all appreciated.

Gulfport MS
(3x) 2015 Sea-Doo Spark 3up, iBR