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    97' wb2 Bogging down

    Hey Guys,

    So I bought a 97' wb2 and just got around to getting it running. Has 160+ in each cylinder. So it has not ran since 2009, I pulled the carbs, cleaned, new diaphram and put back in ski. New battery and off to the lake to test it. So I get it started and will stay idling, hit the throttle and dies. So I checked the carb specs and had the low at only 1 turn out, hi was 1/2 turn. I opened up the low end to about 1.5 turns maybe a bit more and also the hi speed out some also ( didnt realize it should of been 1 3/4 out to start then the 1/4 turn ) so it will run a little better, take it out and it bogs down the whole time, no getup and go, maybe 25-30 mph ( these are clean carbs ) It will slowly creep to that speed, then you can wot and it just keeps the same bogged down speed. I have clear fuel lines, getting fuel fine. New plugs, no different. So I know the carbs were not 100% on, but after I turned them out, it was close to factory pecs and still not at all running right. Almost sounds flooded but I had to turn the low screw out to even get it to stay running. It will start right up, but that about it. So does this ski ( sorry im a seadoo person ) have reeds and could that be the problem? Getting while smoke from exhaust like normal, pump has plenty of push, pisser shoots 10' in the air. Oh and I pulled all the old gas out, out of lines and the carbs, so fresh same day fuel ( az gas still sucks ) So what am I missing? Is it the carbs settings after all or what? Thanks guys for any help !!!


    So I went out and pulled the carbs, set them right, lol and also took a mirror and looked into the area where the reeds are ( ok, so I mow know, there are reeds, ha ) and they look new, or at least the same as the clear white ones for sale. I didnt see any tears or anything, bit also only saw the one side....... Are the reeds even an option as to what the problems is?
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    Check voltage on the battery while at idle and on the throttle. If the regulator crapped and the voltage is too high it causes very strange electrical/ignition related issues.

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