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    Guidance on Rxp or RXT

    I have another two options that im looking into. I've decided i want to get a supercharged ski to keep up with my buddies that have new 2016 skis. I have been in communication with two people, one is willing to sell me his 2004 RXP with 126 hours for $4000. the other is a 2005 RXT with 78 hours for $4,200. the only problem with the RXT is that it has a fault code for a GPS? or something like that, thats what the owner told me. both come with trailers and im looking to see which ski is more reliable, and worth having. i would normally have 2 people on it (Me and my Gf) so i think the RXT is something i should get. But im not sure how serous that fault code is. He said the dealer can clear it no problem, but im skeptical. Thank you!

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    Just spoke to the seller of the 2005 RXT, he said the code came up 2 years ago when the battery died on his ski, the dealer says it just needs to be cleared. the code is P1517 - Compass out of range

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    I could be wrong but I believe both those skis have the same 215 engine.
    Known issues of a catastrophic nature were the hollow stem exhaust valves that would
    break off and the ceramic washers in the supercharger.
    I have a 2005 RXT but changed out my valves and SC washers. Its a sweet machine.
    You need to ask about those two things.

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    By the time you start getting into paying people to fix the common failures on that old thing you could have gotten something newer and much nicer . Valves and chargers on those skis are an issue . Don't buy either without doing a compression check . "pay me now or pay me later " applies imo

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    Pass & buy 07 or newer RXT if you ride 2 up.

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