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    Riva exhaust longer silicone hose?...where could I get it locally? I'm in SW Florida

    So I did my Riva exhaust installation along with the riva waterbox on my 17 GP 1800 and I don't like that the waterbox seems to be "off" of the bottom of the hull. At "rest"...the exhaust pipe that bypasses the sound suppression system is a perfectly straight fit to the waterbox...but it also seems the waterbox is a tiny bit smaller than the stock unit. I had to muscle them into place and I would rather just see if I could get a piece of say 3.5" exhaust hose with say an extra 2" on it. I adjusted the back where it seats, triple checked my holes I drilled using the pattern into the ski. It would seem that this has to be over 2" lower than the pattern I would say.

    Anyways, it doesnt look too bad...but the angle was perfect from the rear exhaust kit to the riva waterbox if only the hose was 2" longer!

    I've pulled the entire thing apart a few times now and tried tweaking.

    I've seen many with a DIY free flow...hoping to find a great hose locally that I could use for this.



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    Call treadstone performance. They are located in east coast but they have good stuff and can ship.

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