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    1999 Genesis FFI fuel injected ski won't shut off

    I have the opportunity to get a Genesis 1200 with fuel injection for a good price but it won't shut down unless a spark plug wire is pulled off.

    I know the availability of parts is getting slim, does anyone have an idea what is causing this issue?
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    Hi, the start stop module is the fault most likely, check the link in my sig for all you need (almost) about Polaris, including the business with the LR-505 start stop bit

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    Sounds like a bad start/stop module.

    See this page for an overview:

    And this page (linked from the above page):

    And here is some more info (from K447's alter ego on another site):

    The 1999 Genesis FFI was the first model year for Ficht fuel injection on Polaris.

    The original 1999 FFI Genesis wiring harnesses are known to develop problems at the connections and splices. Don't assume any connector or wiring joint is good.

    If you directly ground the Black/Yellow wire that goes into the EMM module, the engine should stop. This is exactly what the lanyard switch does.

    If the engine does not shut down when Black/Yellow at EMM is grounded, then there is a problem with the Black/Yellow connection at the EMM connector, or the EMM is bad.

    You can send the EMM to DFI. They can check it over. If it is good, the charge is reasonable. Call them first, of course.

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    Just removing a single spark plug wire should not stop a running Ficht three cylinder engine. Unless the other cylinder(s) are not actually firing properly.

    Check into the lanyard switch kill signal. The Black/Yellow wire directly feeds into the EMM 40-pin connector and when grounded should shut down ignition, even if the Start/Stop LR module was bad.

    I suspect something else is not quite right.

    Click on my signature link, then read through the Ficht info.

    Make sure the engine is actually running on all three cylinders Do all three get equally warm when run for 20 seconds on the trailer?.

    Check fuel pressure when cranking or running, should be just over 20 PSI.

    Injector voltage (white/red wire) should be about 45 volts with engine running, and over 20 volts when cranking with all three fuel injectors plugged in.

    Correct spark plugs installed?

    If the 1999 Genesis FFI wire harness is the original factory harness, it may have wire corrosion at the splices. That harness has many splices, including many in the grounding portion. Bad grounds or other issues in the harness can make diagnosis difficult.

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