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    93 spx580

    Hi all, I'm getting my spx580 ready and am having some issues. It sat last year and I fogged and winterized the fall prior. I found some oil in the hull and the oil cap had a lot of air pressure behind it when I opened it up. I got it started but it smokes like crazy and There is substantial oil coming out of the exhaust. I suspect it's a problem with the oil injector pump sticking open I have only run it for a minute so far. Any ideas? Could it be the carb?

    p.s. After more reading could it be the check valve in the oil injection pump is open/ not holding back any pressure? Does anyone know if it's a serviceable part or if it's built into the pump?
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    It's the leaky inner crank seals. Google search it and you could read for days.

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    Thanks for the info

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